Michael C Perry - Director of the short film, Walls

Director - Michael C Perry

Los Angeles-based Michael C Perry (aka Jour Majesty) is a combination of filmmaker, music producer, and artist. After graduating from the USC School of Cinema, he began directing television commercials and music videos, then migrated to sound engineering and record producing.

Recently, Perry has become known for his Short Musical Films. He was nominated for multiple awards for the animated musical, “Empty Box of Wine.” The film won BEST SHORT at the London International Short Film Festival, BEST ANIMATION at the Action on Film International Film Festival, and SPIRIT OF THE FESTIVAL award at the Twin Falls Sandwiches Film Festival.

Perry's recent film, "Saturday Night" premiered at the 2022 Chelsea Film Festival in NYC and at the HollyShorts film festival in Hollywood, CA. The acclaimed production is said to be one of the best dance/drama films of the year.


Writer - Joey Fama

Joey Fama is an accomplished writer, receiving recognition in a wide range of genres, such as science fiction, drama, horror, and comedy. Fama’s style of writing is a unique blend, often - tapping into some or all of these styles but always including a touch of humor. Before breaking into screenwriting, he honed his writing style as a sportswriter. Fama’s first film, The Carnival Kid was produced in 2017, headlined the Chelsea Fashion Film Festival in New York City. The film, a surreal dance film, follows a dream like sequence breaking the monotony of office life. The film went on to a very successful three-year film festival run, winning numerous accolades. Wallswill mark the third project of Joey Fama with director Michael Perry. Joey hails from the charming hills of West Virginia, where he attended college, receiving his doctorate degree from West Virginia University in 2015.

Animator Anna Zaitceva

Animation - Anna Zaitceva

Anna is a Frame-by-frame 2D animator. She has a bachelor's degree in Art and is currently one of the most accomplished hand-drawn animators in film. Anna specializes in classical animation and cartoons.

Mariya Remizova musician

Music - Mariya Remizova

Mariya Remizova is from Yalta, Crimea. She studied piano from age five and finished musical school as a classically trained pianist. At 20, Mariya moved to New York City and started teaching piano lessons. Because of her love and passion for music within visual arts, Mariya self-taught herself about media composing through online courses, books, and articles on the topic. Currently, Mariya participated in several competitions, such as Berlin International Film Scoring and Indie Film Music. Besides working as a freelance composer, Mariya produces music as a sound meditation practitioner. Her latest endeavor includes promo music for the fashion brand Justin Alexander Signature and composing the music for the award-winning film Saturday Night.