Writer - Joey Fama

Joey Fama is an accomplished writer, receiving recognition in a wide range of genres, such as science fiction, drama, horror, and comedy. Fama’s style of writing is a unique blend, often - tapping into some or all of these styles but always including a touch of humor. Before breaking into screenwriting, he honed his writing style as a sportswriter. Fama’s first film, The Carnival Kid was produced in 2017, headlined the Chelsea Fashion Film Festival in New York City. The film, a surreal dance film, follows a dream like sequence breaking the monotony of office life. The film went on to a very successful three-year film festival run, winning numerous accolades. Wallswill mark the third project of Joey Fama with director Michael Perry. Joey hails from the charming hills of West Virginia, where he attended college, receiving his doctorate degree from West Virginia University in 2015.